Get Your Google Business Page Christmas Ready


1. Logo & Cover Image

Time to add your logo and header image: The last thing you want is for a potential shopper to see an unloved business page. What does that say about you as a business?
Change your header image to a festive picture or scene. Go on get into the spirit of it!


2. Special Hours

Your Business Page allows you to set special hours outside of your normal business hours. You must have regular business hours set before you can add special hours.
You can set additional hours for late night opening, extended hours on Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve) and if you are not open on Boxing day (Monday 26th December) then be sure to mark this as closed as your normal hours would indicate you are open, or if you are open but have limited hours, be sure to indicate this too.


3. Get Social

Yes your Google Business Page is a social platform that is ignored. Most businesses forget about using their business page once they have updated their business info. It may not be as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but if there is one thing that will spark your interest, its this. Posts on your business page are read, understood and indexed by Googlebot which all leads to a better understanding by Google as to who you are, where you are and what you offer. So next time you post onto your Social profiles, update your Business page too.

  • *Bold Text Is Especially Good for Titles and Headlines*
  • _Italics are especially good for adding emphasis_


4. Business Reviews

Reviews are big, bold and attention-seeking in the local pack and maps. Heat map studies have shown how users naturally check out businesses with reviews showing on their Google business listing first. You need five business reviews before you have review stars showing alongside your business listing.

  • Incorporate a review strategy into your customer service emails
  • Respond and reply to all reviews via your dashboard


5. Content, Promotions and Offers

If you don’t publish it, there is no way for Google and other search engines to know what your business offers and where it offers it.
Think about your customers and what they need from your content:

  • What do consumers want to learn about your category, products, or services? Do you have snackable, bitesize content on mobile that answers their questions?
  • Do consumers want to visit your business? Are you helping them find nearby locations and highlighting in-stock inventory on your mobile site/app and in mobile search results?
  • What are consumers doing with your product or service (for example, baking cookies, buying a home, recovering from an injury)? Do you have how-to video content to support their efforts?
  • Where are consumers buying your product? How can you support consumers who are buying from you in-store or while on the go? Are you empowering consumers to check out in whatever way suits their need?


Start growing your business today by understanding your customers needs and satisfy those needs with your content.