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Start with a Website

Increase your customers base! Websites launches your most important services and products for immediate exposure on Google. Love Marketings Websites is designed for one purpose: to create a new and better conversion for your business online. Pick out your most important products and services that we launch with full force on Google and the other major digital channels.

A digital catapult on Google

Your Website acts as a digital catapult. Together we select the most important search phrases and search terms for you. Through search engine optimisation, we make sure then that you are fighting for the top positions in the search results. With a complete Social Media strategy specifically designed for the purpose, we ensure that you are exposed when potential customers search for businesses like yours.

We make visitors to customers

We are not satisfied by only drive traffic to your Website or Social Medias. At least as much focus is placed on convert the visits you get. Both the text and design is optimised for visitors to quickly find the right information and take action by contacting you or execute a purchase. This work is called conversion optimisation and includes:

  • Strategic information structure
  • Informative and attractive text design
  • Graphic material that captures the attention of potential customers

Local Search Engine Optimisation

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the potential of local searches. If for example, you sell cars in Dublin it will be particularly important to appear on a phrase like: “Cars in Dublin”. With Love Marketing Websites, you can capture a number of cities in a way that would be very difficult on your official website.

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